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Hidden Bek Suit K1

Description: Being in a Swoop Gang is dangerous, so having good protection is vital. This standard issue Hidden Bek Suit has a special breastplate coated with ceramic to help deflect blaster fire, and is emblazoned with the Hidden Bek colors.

Properties: Feats required: Armor Proficiency - Medium

Defense Bonus: 8, +2 with Mesh Underlay
Damage Resistance: Resists 30/- against Energy
Bonus Feat with Armor Reinforcement: Toughness

Note: This .rar includes a file that will have Gadon give you the armor after you agree to get the prototype engine for him.
The files in the Bonus folder makes a chosen few of the Bek's wear the armor.


Black Vulkar Combat Suit K1

Description: Being a member of a swoop gang makes protection a necessity if you want to stay alive. This set of armor has been adapted to life in the lower city and emblazoned with the Black Vulkar gang colors.

Properties: Feats required: Armor Proficiency - Light
Defense Bonus: 7, +2 with Armor Reinforcement
Damage Resistance: Resists 5/- Bludgeoning, Piercing, and Slashing
Damage Immunity: 50% vs. Energy with Mesh Underlay

Note: Automatically spawns on the corpse of the Vulkar Cook.
Update: Now there is an optional patch you can download that makes it so two of the Vulkars are wearing the armor. It goes in the override.

Download Armor | Download Patch

The Lower City Merchant K1

Description: Nangle Na Maak, a Duros merchant, may not be very smart, but he can sure run a store. You can find him in the second set of lower city apartments, hiding from the vulkars in an abandoned room. He's not exactly friendly, but he's got the best stock on Taris and he'll buy back your equipment at full price.
This mod includes a brand new set of armor and a bonus file that makes Marl the Dueller wear it. 'Cause it's duelling armor.

Tarisian Duelling Suit Properties:
Defense Bonus: 8, +2 vs. Bludgeoning, Piercing, and Slashing
Damage Resistance: Resist 10/- vs Energy
Feats Granted with Upgrades: Master Flurry, Master Conditioning

Download From My Site | Download From Filefront

Reinforced Jedi Robe Pack K1

This mod is a pack of jedi robes that are slightly more powerful then the robes that are included with the game. There are three of them: a Jedi Robe, a Knight Robe, and a Master Robe, that can all be upgraded. And they have a new texture to help add some variety to the game (I don't know about you, but I like each of my jedi characters to have their own look).

To see a detailed list of properties, click here.


Aratech Insulating Armor K1

Description: This lightweight suit of armor has a series of grounding wires and a liner of rubber to help protect against electrical attacks. Like most Aratech designs it is extremely well made, and should last a very long time.

Properties: Feats required: Armor Proficiency - Medium
Attack Modifier: +2 vs Droid
Defense Bonus: 10 (+2 with Armor Reinforcement)
Max Dexterity Bonus: +3
Damage Resistance: Resist 20/- Electrical and Ion
Bonus Feat w/ Mesh Underlay: Improved Rapid Shot

Note: Automatically appears in Junix Nard's inventory the first time you visit the Tatooine Cantina.


Baragwin Ice Armor K1

Description: Offering excellent protection against plasma grenades, flame throwers, and other heat related attacks, this armor will keep its wearer from being singed in the "heat" of battle. A network of tubes pump liquid nitrogen around the body to help regulate temperature, so this suit will also keep injuries iced for better healing and be invisible to thermal scanners.

Properties: Special: Upgradeable, Armor
Defense Bonus: 10 (+2 with Armor Reinforcement, +1 with Mesh Underlay)
Max Dexterity Bonus: +2
Damage Resistance: Resist 25/- vs. Fire
Damage Resistance: Resist 15/- vs. Acid
Skills: Stealth +2
With Mesh Underlay: Bonus Feat - Master Toughness

Note: Automatically appears in Suvam's inventory the first time you visit Yavin.


Trey Donna's Armor K1

Description: Trey Donna was a hero of the Republic until his disappearance two years ago. No trace of him was ever found, but the popular belief among those who served with him is that he was assassinated by Darth Malak for refusing to join the Sith. His armor was made to help the wearer resist force attacks.

Properties: Special: Upgradeable, Armor
Feats Required: Armor Proficiency - Heavy
Defense Bonus: 10 (13 with Armor Reinforcement)
Max Dexterity Bonus: +1
Damage Resistance: Resist 10/- vs. Dark Side, Fire, and Electrical
Immunity: Mind-affecting
Bonus Feat when upgraded w/ Mesh Underlay: Immunity - Fear

Note: Automatically spawns on Uthar's corpse.


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